Facial Gua Sha, a growing trend. Yet, Gua Sha is not new. It is an ancient healing practice that still lives today.

Excerpt from my book (coming soon):

I was first introduced to Gua Sha by acupuncture physicians that I worked with early in my career, around the same time I began my studies in Aromatherapy.
In my experience, they seem to work in sync. Facial Gua Sha has been a growing trend in the past few years. However, this ancient technique is nothing new. Gua Sha techniques performed on the body have been adapted to the face for its wonderful rejuvenating benefits.
Combined with botanicals to heal and revitalize the skin, it’s no wonder people love it!”

I developed this live training for bodyworkers all over who want to offer these wonderful treatments to their clients and enhance their sessions. Not only will therapist learn how do give a Facial Gua Sha treatment, they will also learn what botanical mediums we can use topically for optimal results. Learn how to use essential oils and other herb oils safely for the face.

In the workshop we also learn an invigorating scalp Gua Sha treatment to help alleviate tension headaches and it feels great!

Key Facial Acupressure points are reviewed as well to benefit yourself and your clients.

Tying it all together you will have a complete treatment to offer your clients right away!

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