Do you want to learn how to incorporate herbs into your massage sessions? Luk Pra Kob, translated as “herbal pressing sphere” is one of the treasures of Thai traditional medicine for over 400 years. 

Learn about the uses and indications of these herbal bundles to help your clients. Discover a variety of herbs commonly used in Thailand to help relieve repetitive strain, pain and discomfort in muscles and joints, and much more. We will also learn about herbs found locally that can be adapted into these wonderful treatments.
Learn how to enhance your massage sessions with the Thai Herbal Poultice!

These steamed herbal balls have an incredible ability to soften myofascial tension, alleviating muscle and joint pain and restoring an over-taxed nervous system. The treatment is comforting and sedating to the recipients while these anti-inflammatory herbs do their work.

The herbal poultice can be integrated into different massage sessions. This is why you do not have to currently practice Thai Massage to take this class. With the new knowledge of these healing botanicals, you will be ready to add a new service to your menu.

Class Breakdown
• The first half of the day we will discuss, touch, and smell a variety of herbs at our disposal. Then we will make our own herbal Poultice for later use.
• The second half of class we will learn how to apply them to the body. Each student will receive a full-body herbal poultice massage. Your herbal poultice is yours to take home for reuse.

Fernanda has been working with Arucha, an herbalist in Northern Thailand that makes these wonderful bundles for our practice, made to order.
Arucha has a disability called Neurofibromatosis type 2. Yet she works hard to create these wonderful bundles of herbs harvested from their farm with her mother. We are happy to support her while keeping these traditions alive while sharing this healing modality with our students.

We will have these Thai herbal poultices available for purchase after class.

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Fernanda is the co-founder of Apex Retreat Seminars, a nationally approved continuing education school for massage therapist and is a Certified Professional Aromatherapist.
She loves to share her knowledge and passion for helping others using traditional methods of healing

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