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Fernanda Santiago

Co-Founder, Certified Aromatherapist, LMBT

Born in the Island of Puerto Rico, Fernanda Santiago has always had a passion for wellness and helping people get healthy. Her great grandmother was a midwife, herbalist and an expert in using natural healing compounds. This knowledge of herbal medicine and natural healing has been passed down for generations.. Fernanda has spent the last 15 years learning and specializing in Aromatherapy, and has trained in Chiang Mai, Thailand. She is the co-founder of Apex Retreat Seminars as well as operating her own private practice. She love to share her knowledge and passion for helping others using traditional methods.


Jason Atkins

Co-Founder, Certified Back Country Survival Instructor, LMBT

J W Atkins is a well-rounded Massage Therapist from Chapel Hill with over 10 yrs of experience. Jason was a behavior science modification specialist/combat field medic.  His military background only strengthens his character.


Dean Hebert

Co-founder, lmbt, certified thai massage therapist

“The body knows what to do, you just need to let it.”

Dean has a versatile portfolio of a hard working man. He discovered his true calling in the wellness field. Dean has been a practicing LMBT for over 8  years and is one of the most sought after Massage Therapists in well known Spas in the Triangle Area. Dean’s specialty and focus is on helping the body function and mobilize better to achieve optimal health.  

He specializes in Myofacial Release, Joint Mobilization, Table Thai Massage, and Deep Tissue work. He believes in teaching his clients how to live a healthier lifestyle overall.

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